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As today is a great day for all of us Nicole fans, we decided to gather some messages from other fans on this very special day. With all the love in the world to our queen! Happy Birthday, bae! 🤍

Today is a very special day for us as it is the day of our dear & beloved Nicole Kidman! Words are not enough to express all our love and admiration for the beautiful person you are! May on this day, all hope be renewed in your life and may all good energies come to you. Our heart desires all the most beautiful in your life, may your paths be surrounded with lots of light and may your heart be flooded with more love. We admire the incredible human being that you are, the peace you convey and your vast wisdom towards life. We wish you a beautiful fresh start and just happiness. We will always be here, supporting and respecting all your legacy and trying to make a better and more loving world together with you. We love you so much and we will always be here loving you, taking care of you and protecting you from all the harm we can. We will never stop being by your side, even if we are miles away. Take care of yourself there, that we take care of with all our love from here. We love you. Happy Birthday!

Fans from many countries decided to join us and
show how our Nicole is so loved by everyone!

Happy birthday Nic! I wish you have the best day and that your life is filled with love and light. You are my biggest inspiration. I love you, thank you for being who you are! (@filmskidman).

Hi babe, Happy Birthday!I would like to start by thanking you for all the inspiration and strength you have given me through all these years without even knowing it I wish you all the joys and all the love you deserve. I hope you have a day full of laughter and affection. I love you so much and no matter how far I am from you my heart will always be near you. (@kidmanarambula).

Happy birthday Nic! You have a special place in my heart for the person you are. Hope your day goes well. Love you! (@joliesdarling).

Happy early birthday Nicole Kidman legendary epic actress my favorite movies of hers are Stepford wives Moulin Rouge and nine perfect strangers she is epic. (@VFlenke).

Happy birthday, Nic! You are such a special being and you deserve all the best in this world. I’m so proud of you, as a human being and an actress. I will always support you in everything. Love you very much! (@anistonsella).

Happy birthday, Nic. you are so special to this world and you deserve all the wonderful things it can offer. I am very proud of the woman and actress that you are. I will always support you, ilysm. Ariane (@benguserden).

Happy Birthday, Nic! God bless you and your family always. I wish you all the best, thank you for existing and being such an amazing human being. I love you so much! (@kidwomann).

Happy birthday, Nic! You are amazing in so many ways, thank you for helping me with your works, movies and series, you are unique and special. Thank you for existing and making me happy! (@chrixmoore).

Happy Birthday Nic! I admire you and love you so much.
You are a very special person, you deserve the best in the world. You’re the best. (@berfangirl).

Happy Birthday Nic. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness and love! You deserve it. I’m so looking forward to see what you bring to our screens in your 55th year. (@rightbackASHya).

Happy birthday, Nicole! I love you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you for being someone who inspires me. (@itsmiaxz).

Happy birthday to the most amazing woman. I wish you the best things in the world and that you enjoy your day in the best way. thank you for always saving me. <3. LYSM. (@marinerstrying).

Happy birthday, Nic! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. I love you, thank you for making me so happy. (@njcolekidman).

Happy Bday Nicole! I wish you all the good things in the world because you deserve it. Yhank you for being an angel in my life. ILY! (@villxneve).

HAPPY birthday, my little big girl!!! I love u so much. (@friendsfanbaby).

Happy birthday, goddess!!!! (@missk_hahn).

Happy birthday, Nic! Thank you for existing and being the most adorable person in the world. Love u! (@ardantkidman).

Happy birthday Nicole Urban! (@carrollcomom).

Happy birthday Nicole! You deserve all the best things the world can offer you. (@bescohan).

Happy birthday Nic! I wish you the best in the world! And may it be a very happy day surrounded by the ones you love the most! Sweet 55 baby! I love you so much! (@KidmanNicolePt).

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